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(Written on 10 December 2002,
Updated on 5 April 2004)
By S. Wolf Britain

The greatest threats to freedom are the masses of apathetic, complacent, falsely “patriotic”, and complicit so-called Americans who believe the indoctrination and conditioning that leaving the protection of freedom to their votes and the “representatives” they elect is virtually all they need to do. These are the majority of people who so little understand True Democracy and the threats that all governments pose to True Freedom. They will blindly destroy, and/or “turn in” to the government, True American Patriots for being falsely accused of treason, sedition and heresy. This blind majority will themselves seek to destroy, or seek to have destroyed, the very ones who are trying to protect their freedoms; and will deceive themselves, or be deceived, to believe that in so turning against the True Patriots, they are supposedly taking the truly patriotic, correct and proper action(s). It has happened many times throughout history; and it will happen again very soon in the “United States of America”, the “freest country on Earth”.

The latest: “Bush seeks to have world attention focused on the disarmament of Iraq as the preeminent threat to world peace, while the real threat of nuclear war and the use of Weapons of Mass Destruction arises within the U.S. Administration. This is the politics of diversion and should give pause to those who are thinking of joining in Bush’s sleight-of-hand anti-Iraq chorus believing it to be a path to peace. The nuclear threat posed by the United States is neither rhetoric nor speculation, it is the now announced doctrine and strategy of the Bush White House. It represents the ushering in of a new era of unrestrained and unprovoked catastrophic violence.”

“”Preemptive Strikes are Part of US Strategic Doctrine,” reads the headline of the front page of the Washington Post of December 11, 2002. A classified version of the new Bush Doctrine “breaks with the fifty years of counter-proliferation efforts” by planning for the use of nuclear weapons against countries that not only have not attacked the US but that do not themselves possess nuclear capability.” [ From International A.N.S.W.E.R. (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism) Coalition, Washington, D.C.—-There’s also a GREAT, MUST READ, article by them that will be posted here later.—-If you want to help take a stand against all of these Bush Administration actions, and/or for more information, please visit their website at: http://www.InternationalANSWER.org/campaigns/

This is what the powers of darkness and the U.S. government are presently preparing the vast majority of “Americans” for. But, I want to make very clear that this should not discourage the True Patriots from continuing to carry out their stand(s) against this insidious trend, and against any and all other threats to True Freedom; for it is much better to suffer depravation, hardship, imprisonment, and even death, than to be a part of, and/or a supporter of, the ensuing darkness, as all those who to any degree accede to it will be, if they aren’t already. No True Freedom has ever been stood up for and preserved in the past except by the self-sacrifice of True Patriots in those days; and no True Freedom will be fully stood up for and preserved today and in the near future except by the self-sacrifice of present-day True Patriots. And we must not fail to stand up and be counted against all the inroads of the antithesis or opposite of True Freedom, or we will be members of the wrong “camp”, and ourselves be guilty of the destruction and murder of the Truly Innocent.


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