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(Written on 3 December 2002;
First updated 11 December 2002;
Re-updated on 9 April 2004)
By S. Wolf Britain

Now “Little Shrub” has gone over the deep end again and appointed, dare I name this evil name(?), Henry (Damned) Kissinger to allegedly “probe 9-11”, one of the most literally evil “foreign policy advisors” to every President from John F. Kennedy to Ronald (Damned) Reagan, if not more, a “prime-mover” in the illegal and murderous bombing of Cambodia, and involved up to his neck in the disastrously macabre Iran-Contra scandal and its ensuing slaughter of thousands of innocent Panamanians, not to mention Nicaraguans, and only the ‘top secret cleared’ know what else!!

As if it wasn’t bad enough when not long ago John Poindexter, another of the fascist “foreign policy” and/or “national security” advisors, who is just as evil as Kissinger, having been deeply involved in many of the same and similar “black projects” as those stated above, was appointed to oversee the “Homeland Security Taskforce” to determine how to “best” propose and set up the national “Office of Homeland Security”, which is part of the military-industrial program of undermining human, civil and legal rights both domestically and internationally, and of bringing about a much larger authoritarian police state in the U.S. and abroad than already exists in the U.S.!!

“Little Bush” is a shameless liar!! Now he claims he believes that the United States is much better off because of racial integration, which no doubt it is; but he is a racist and part of the military-industrial complex agenda of eugenics and genocide against the Judeo-Christians and ethnic minorities!! Sure, he has “token blacks” in his administration who “toe his line” and believe as he does, “Uncle Toms'” who are also part of and support the evil agenda(s); but he would much rather have an “all white” administration and not have to work with black people at all!! What would be quite “telling” is if we could get him to be completely truthful about how he would feel about having a black president of this country; but he would never give an honest response to such a question!! Things are getting much more evil every day!!

The “Junior Bush” also claims that he does not want to curtail free speech, because he claims we live in a country where we have a right to exercise it, even if that free expression runs contrary to his policy actions; but the truth is that he, along with his cohorts, would dearly love to fully suspend free speech in a much more widespread fashion than they already are!! Here again he is shameless in attempting to make himself look good by making “politically correct” statements that he does not really, if at all, believe; and many, if not most, of his actions clearly show that he is going “all out” to fraudulently convince most “Americans” that he truly stands for truth and freedom!! It is just lie upon lie upon lie!!


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(Written by Brian Becker of the A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition on or about 1-24-03 to 2-2-03; updated on 4-7-04.)

[Notes by me: I’m going to again break with my usual tradition of only posting my own writings to my blogs, and post the following article because it is so good! I think you’ll find this article very enlightening!]:

“Unable to contend with the historic and constitutional right of the people to control their own government and the direction of their country, the Bush administration has now launched an assault on the anti-war movement. As the clock ticks down and the administration rushes to wage war against Iraq, it is starting another war here at home against the people of the United States.

“On January 18, 2003 half a million people marched in Washington, D.C. in a true democratic expression of their opposition to an illegal and immoral war of aggression being driven by a tiny few who hold the reigns of military and economic might. Another 200,000 marched in San Francisco. Around the world people in over 35 countries held solidarity demonstrations. Now we are all mobilizing for the February 15/16, 2003 mass actions against the war that have been initiated by the European peace movement. The people of conscience who are taking to the streets represent the sentiments of so many millions more. This is a powerful rejection of the Bush administration’s attempt to drag us all into war and global conflagration.

“On January 28, 2003, ten days after the historic January 18, 2003 march, the Free Congress Foundation, the Center for Security Policy and other ultra-right wing members of the U.S. political establishment, including former officials of the Heritage Foundation and the Reagan administration, began promoting the creation of a new version of the House Un-American Activities Committee to investigate not only the organizers but the demonstrators themselves who came to Washington to protest Bush’s march to war.

“On January 30, 2003 the New York Daily News published the Bush administration’s latest smear — a purportedly leaked intelligence report from his Homeland Security department claiming that “Iraqi spies” came to the U.S. from Canada to carry out the anti-war demonstrations.

“This first act for Bush’s Homeland Security department — which had officially opened a mere six days earlier — speaks volumes about what Bush’s view of “homeland security” is: using the power of the government to lie, to discredit, to disrupt and to try to shut down the opposition of the people of the U.S. to his program of violent domination and empire.

“The Center for Security Policy is a group funded by arms manufacturers and big business who are being given the U.S. taxpayer’s money looted from programs that would otherwise fund education, healthcare and jobs in America. The Free Congress Foundation is a haven for extremists so out of step with social justice that they pay staff members who have written that we in the U.S. might be better off if the confederacy had won the civil war, who advocate that the racist Trent Lott should have remained in his leadership position, who push anti-Semitic conspiracy theories and who spoke at a neo-Nazi conference last summer. These groups both work with and are received by the Bush Administration.


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