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BUSH’S 1-29-02 “STATE OF

(Updated on 4-19-04.)
By S. Wolf Britain

“Only by cutting through the darkness of ignorance and prejudice, can we achieve true justice.”(Author Unknown.)

[PREFACE TO MAIN BODY OF TEXT: I realize that the “Founding Fathers” were far from faultless themselves, that they were a majority of rich businessmen, that most of them sought to protect the interests of land- and slave- holders when they wrote the Constitution, that one of the things they were primarily concerned about was revolts of the majority of poor people who wanted more personal representation in the new government then they were getting from, or received as a result of, the Constitution, and that most of them did not EVER want to really see True “liberty and justice for all”. When I speak of the “True” Founding Fathers, I mean those among them who were more concerned, at least somewhat, with protecting the rights of all of The People than their own monetary interests, and who were against the “big government” that the majority of them wanted to see immediately instituted, but certainly did not want to see rage out of control as it did less than one-hundred years after the Constitution was written, or to the very dangerous and grave extent that it has escalated out of control today! But perhaps, like most “Americans”, I give the Founding Fathers more credit than they deserve.

I also realize that the United Nations is in Truth an agent of the globalist-imperialist/corporate-elitist monopoly over “freedom”, though its ideals, as outlined in its public Charter, are certainly much closer to what the entire world and all people of True Peace should stand for and live up to, with the exception of supporting war under some circumstances, that it was instituted to do the latter’s bidding in the guise of humanitarianism, and that behind the scenes the U.N. primarily promotes and assures that the corporate-elitist/globalist imperialist “machine” will continue to be able to exploit the entire world, murder millions of innocent people, rape the land, and destroy the environment at will, in their pursuit of the profit to be had from the natural resources of the whole planet; otherwise the United States government could not get away with flagrantly, and with impunity, as well as immunity from the prosecution in the “World Court” that just about any other country would have to face, with the exception of England in particular, for violating the “international human rights” of sovereign countries all over the world as the U.S. government does!

I further realize that the “Royal Family”, a very important primary ally of the United States government (a disgusting irony), has for centuries been a major part of the evil global conspiracy; and, as will be brought out later via Dr. Leonard Horowitz’s very enlightening writings, is a major moving-force behind the genocidal program to eradicate half of the Earth’s population, that is presently being carried out world-wide with the thorough support of the United States government, the global military-industrial complex, and families like the Bush’s!


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