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This is my first post to my new blog ( Testing, testing, one, two, three, four :)! Welcome, and enjoy reading nothing but the Truth! Please come back and visit again often; and thank you for blogging with me! Your’s truly for nothing but Truth…. Signed, Wolf

To those who believe the following petition will be beneficial to light a fire under the International ANSWER Coalition to hopefully get them to organize much larger, semi-non-stop, anti-war protest demonstrations, marches and/or “sit-ins”, please pass it on far and wide, and encourage people to send their signed copies to the Coalition’s office(s) in Washington, D.C., as follows [for their fax number(s) and/or mailing addresses instead of emailing it, please call their voice number(s) to request same]:

A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition
Act Now to Stop War & End Racism
Voice telephone numbers:
National Office in Washington DC:
New York City: 212-533-0417
Los Angeles: 323-464-1636
San Francisco: 415-821-6545
For media inquiries, call 202-544-3389.


Authored by S. Wolf Britain, Equal, Human,
Civil, Legal, and Liberty Rights Advocate
Sui Juris/Pro Esse Suo/Pro Se
(Written on 19 June 2005)
[Copyright (c) 2005 in the U.S.A. and
Internationally by S. Wolf Britain.
All Rights Are Reserved. But the
Copyright holder hereby gives his
permission for this entire petition,
as is, to be disseminated, signed
and submitted to the International
A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition as one
and/or as separate, individually
signed, document(s), or with large
or small groups of signatures, and
hereby declares that all of same
constitute(s) one petition.]

We, the undersigned True Patriot(ic), True American, Truly Free citizens of the United States of America and/or the world-community, which is very quickly being converted into the “United States of T.A.D. (Theocratic ‘Absolute Despotism’)” [SEE the beginning of Declaration of Independence (1776-2005 and on into eternity)], do hereby declare and petition the International A.N.S.W.E.R. (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism) Coalition (hereinafter, “the Coalition”) for the following indispensable consideration(s):

It being recognized that your Coalition of a multitude of organizations are responsible for the organizing and carrying out of the anti-war demonstrations, if not nationwide, then in many, if not all, of the major cities of the United States, and perhaps in some, if not all, of the major cities abroad as well, or that you have lent your assistance to the latter;

Being that the Coalition’s successful domestic anti-war protest gatherings in the United States have numbered not many more than 500,000 persons, or not many more than 1,000,000 persons at most;

Being that the history of the anti-war movement’s most effective mass-demonstrations have included at least that many people, that many if not most of them have refused to disperse at the conclusion of the first day of said gatherings, and continued their mass-protests thereafter in order to send a stronger message of dissent and protest to the United States government; and,

Being that the anti-war movement needs many more conscientious persons to gather in future mass-protest demonstrations, and for most of those persons to continue to gather and protest, en-masse, without dispersing for as long as humanly and/or humanely possible;


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The other side of the story. The truth and proof that Mark Felt was not what he appeared to be at the time of Watergate, when acting as “Deep Throat”, that he is not what he appears to be today coming forward to disclose that he is Deep Throat, that he disingenuously revealed the truth(s) about Nixon’s lies and the Watergate coverup back in the day, and that he approved of and helped carry out the draconian, anti-democratic, Constitution- and civil-rights- violating COINTELPRO, spying on our own peaceful, non-violent citizens who were doing nothing but carrying out their Constitutional right(s) to dissent and protest against the extremely unlawful Vietnam war, and to thereby be a check and balance by the citizenry on the U.S. government’s mass-murderous abuse of power which the American public is supposed to be, and fomenting violence against, and false arrest(s) of, them for doing so, and as the result of being framed for violent acts which the U.S. government entrapped them with and/or framed them for, all blatantly contrary to the U.S. Constitution, and just as the Vietnam war of today, the war in Iraq, and its corresponding undermining of human and civil rights, escalation of crimes against humanity, and war crimes against Iraq, its people, and many others abroad and in the U.S., is very seriously and blatantly contrary to the U.S. Constitution, as well as several other national and international laws and/or treaties.In short, Mark Felt is a fraud, and not really the hero that he, Bob Woodward and others are making him out to be, though he did do what was right, no matter how nefariously, in revealing the Watergate coverup and the blatant and extremely serious felonious civil, Constitutional and other law violating dishonesty of the Nixon administration to the American people, including breaking and entering, and burglary, by the Nixon White House. But he should have also revealed and thereby stood up against COINTELPRO as well; and the very fact that he did not, reveals the true character of this typical top FBI man, and the true nature of his less than heroic, disingenuous act of exposing the lies and illegal actions of the Nixon administration surrounding Watergate, that were but a drop in the bucket of the illegal actions of not only the White House, but also of the “Justice” Department, FBI, CIA, state and local law enforcement, and others, proving that we live in, not a truly free country, but an Orwellian, authoritarian police state of Biblical and/or theocratic proportions, much to the extreme and very serious detriment of all Americans, whether they realize it or not.

Yet Mark Felt’s coming forward at this time is being used to warn us thick-headed “Americans” and the rest of the world of the foregoing facts, and to give us a chance to put a stop to the juggernaut of the fast-encroaching fulfillment of the Strausscon-Neocon plans to completely take away the freedom(s) of everyone, including Americans, both in the U.S. and all over the world, as they have been incessantly, insidiously and very successfully carrying out, step by step, for decades if not for over one hundred years; for all that they have been doing is part of a well-orchestrated, slow plan to control every aspect of the lives of every soul on the face of the planet; and, with the help of God, we must resist, with every fibre of our beings, this supplanting of individuality and free will with blind subserviance to evil and darkness, no matter what, and we must do it NOW before it is very soon forever too late!


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Mark Felt, the alleged “Deep Throat”, may have been a dubious “hero” and/or an insincere whistleblower, and may have been a knowing pawn to bring one corporate mafia don down in the form of President Richard Nixon in order to replace him with another corporate mafia don as president; but, aside from all of the questions that Mark Felt’s allegedly being “Deep Throat” and coming forward now to allegedly admit it understandably bring up, such as it actually being used to make a completely corrupt U.S. government supposedly look good because “doing the right thing” in such ways is allegedly done by U.S. government agencies and/or its agents, what “Deep Throat” did WAS right even if the motives for doing so are suspect and probably are other than completely, if at all, altruistic.

Therefore, today I bring you what the great whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg, who as a U.S. government employee released the Pentagon Papers in 1973 blowing the lid off the fraud of the Vietnam war and thereby was a primary factor in bringing an end to the war two years later, and thereby was a true hero, has to say about Felt’s coming forward and what “Deep Throat” did and had to say back at the time of Watergate; and I take this opportunity to let you know that such revelations and what they truly stand for, standing up for what’s right and revealing the truth about great lies and very dangerous, extremely harmful, mass-murderous treacheries are one of the primary reasons for what my life is now all about, why I stand for what I stand for (nothing but the truth and helping to spread the truth to more people), why I have the websites and blogs that I do, and one of the primary reasons that I write what I write and/or post such insightful thoughts of others’ on my websites and blogs:


From Daniel Ellsberg’s Website, at:
(Posted on his website on 1 June 2005)
[Copyright (c) 2005 in the U.S.A. and
Internationally by Ellsberg.Net and/or
Daniel Ellsberg. All rights reserved.]

MAY 31, 2005 – Former FBI official Mark Felt has revealed himself as Woodward and Bernstein’s source Deep Throat:

Comments by Daniel Ellsberg on

“Felt was one of a dozen people who had access to information that the White House was lying. I’d like each of those [other] people to ask themselves why they weren’t Deep Throat, how they justified not sharing that information with the world. We desperately need more Mark Felts right now, and we needed them back in 1964. He played an important part in holding the government accountable, and should receive an honorary Nobel Prize. At the same time, I think he has lots more to tell, and I hope he tells it.”

Edited comments by Daniel Ellsberg on the Pat Thurston Show, KSRO, Santa Rosa, CA:

ELLSBERG: “Mark Felt understandably felt a conflict of loyalties here, to his secrecy oath, his agency, and to the president on one hand, and on the other hand, to the Constitution, which is what he and I had taken an oath to. We don’t take an oath to a commander-in-chief, we take an oath to uphold the Constitution in this country. That was clearly being violated by the president, who could not be held accountable without an insider like Felt revealing what he knew.


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