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RICE ON WHITE: In The Time Of Far-Right-Wing U.S. Fascist Retribution, by S. Wolf Britain



In The Time Of Far-Right-Wing
U.S. Theo-Fascist Retribution

By S. Wolf Britain
( And Now The Apocalypse
http://www.wolfbritain.com/ )

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        The United States and the world are going insane on an express train to hell. That is the ultimate logical conclusion that anyone like myself, who is not anti-religious, or at least anti-Christian, and who truly and fully discerns what is going on right now and refuses to bury their head(s) in the sand about it, has to come to once they cease their avoidance, denial and refusal to believe that it is indeed true, and that IT IS happening.

In particular, the U.S. government and the government of the U.K. are in the process of setting up “panopticon” police states in their respective countries that are almost every day becoming more and more authoritarian, oppressive and repressive like regimes of “third-world dictatorships”. (SEE also Alex Jones’ and Paul Joseph Watson’s great article from the former’s Prison Planet.com website, “The Panopticon: A Mass Surveillance Prison for Humanity.”)

If it wasn’t for the “U.S.A. Patriot Act” recently having been “bipartisanly” (sic) reapproved and extended with very little added protections of civil liberties with any teeth to them, the U.K. would thus far almost appear to be the worst offender, with public video surveilance, invasion of privacy, and arrests of average “anti-war-sentiment” citizens more widespread than in the U.S. as yet, at least as far as most U.S. citizens are thus far aware.

But, as a result of the fact(s) that the “Patriot Act” does exist, with all of the truly-Orwellian, repressive authority that it gives to U.S. police agencies, both federal and local, in what is allegedly the freest, most democratic country on the planet, or ostensibly used to be, that the more and more severe and draconian crackdowns of dissent in the U.S. are ever-increasing and unprecidented, which in all likelihood will very soon, if they do not already, rival and go far beyond the U.K. government in level(s) of repressiveness and severity, in overall numbers of people repressed if nothing else, and the fact that the U.S. government’s extremely dismal, violent, mass-murder, and mass-imprisonment human rights and civil liberties record exists as it does, those who are not and will not be in avoidance and denial of the facts must come to the inescapable and unavoidable conclusion that in sum-total the extent of repression by the U.S. government far exceeds that of the U.K. government, and that the U.S. government is the most extreme offender.

Yes, the U.K. government has its “counterpart repressive law(s)” which are in fact intentionally and/or inadvertanty competing “neck and neck” with the repressive “Patriot Act”, yet the U.K. has never been as democratic and free of “monarchical-dictatorial repression” as the U.S. has been, or at least has never had as much of the appearance of being so-free as the U.S. has had.


What do the “Red” Countries and other repressive regimes think of the U.S. government?


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