RICE ON WHITE: In The Time Of Far-Right-Wing U.S. Fascist Retribution, by S. Wolf Britain



In The Time Of Far-Right-Wing
U.S. Theo-Fascist Retribution

By S. Wolf Britain
( And Now The Apocalypse
http://www.wolfbritain.com/ )

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        The United States and the world are going insane on an express train to hell. That is the ultimate logical conclusion that anyone like myself, who is not anti-religious, or at least anti-Christian, and who truly and fully discerns what is going on right now and refuses to bury their head(s) in the sand about it, has to come to once they cease their avoidance, denial and refusal to believe that it is indeed true, and that IT IS happening.

In particular, the U.S. government and the government of the U.K. are in the process of setting up “panopticon” police states in their respective countries that are almost every day becoming more and more authoritarian, oppressive and repressive like regimes of “third-world dictatorships”. (SEE also Alex Jones’ and Paul Joseph Watson’s great article from the former’s Prison Planet.com website, “The Panopticon: A Mass Surveillance Prison for Humanity.”)

If it wasn’t for the “U.S.A. Patriot Act” recently having been “bipartisanly” (sic) reapproved and extended with very little added protections of civil liberties with any teeth to them, the U.K. would thus far almost appear to be the worst offender, with public video surveilance, invasion of privacy, and arrests of average “anti-war-sentiment” citizens more widespread than in the U.S. as yet, at least as far as most U.S. citizens are thus far aware.

But, as a result of the fact(s) that the “Patriot Act” does exist, with all of the truly-Orwellian, repressive authority that it gives to U.S. police agencies, both federal and local, in what is allegedly the freest, most democratic country on the planet, or ostensibly used to be, that the more and more severe and draconian crackdowns of dissent in the U.S. are ever-increasing and unprecidented, which in all likelihood will very soon, if they do not already, rival and go far beyond the U.K. government in level(s) of repressiveness and severity, in overall numbers of people repressed if nothing else, and the fact that the U.S. government’s extremely dismal, violent, mass-murder, and mass-imprisonment human rights and civil liberties record exists as it does, those who are not and will not be in avoidance and denial of the facts must come to the inescapable and unavoidable conclusion that in sum-total the extent of repression by the U.S. government far exceeds that of the U.K. government, and that the U.S. government is the most extreme offender.

Yes, the U.K. government has its “counterpart repressive law(s)” which are in fact intentionally and/or inadvertanty competing “neck and neck” with the repressive “Patriot Act”, yet the U.K. has never been as democratic and free of “monarchical-dictatorial repression” as the U.S. has been, or at least has never had as much of the appearance of being so-free as the U.S. has had.


What do the “Red” Countries and other repressive regimes think of the U.S. government?

All of this ever-increasing repression in the U.S. must make communist China, other repressive regimes, and true terrorists who are not agents, assets, puppets, pawns, and/or patsies of U.S. government and allied “intelligence” and “counter-terrorism”, as most of the “terrorists” are, exceedingly happy that the U.S. government and others’ are “following in their footsteps” by way of instituting ever more red-communist-like crackdowns on freedom and dissent, and that the U.S. presidency is becoming increasingly monarchical and dictatorial, like their “rogue” regimes. Of course, as everyone who is knowledgeable of the True History of the U.S. government knows, the U.S. government is by far the worst “Rogue State” of them all; which, naturally, most if not all of the other “rogue states” have been well-aware of for quite some time, never mind that most of the “American” people have been “blissfully” unaware of that fact for just as long, and still are.

Now, enter the scene last week, President Hu Jintao, leader of red-communist China, in a visit to the U.S. during which, as he began to speak on the White House lawn, he was “heckled” by a dissenting and protesting Chinese-American journalist for his and his country’s notoriously horrific human rights record, and asking President Bush to seek to stop Hu’s and China’s human rights offenses, only to have at least one hand of a U.S. Secret Service agent, as she was arrested and carted off, placed over her mouth in an attempt to silence her in front of God, country and the President of China, in the land of the Constitutional rights to exercise and carry out “free speech” and “dissent”.

Almost but not quite needless to say, the U.S. far-right-wing radical extremist fascism- supporters, propagandists, agents, and/or assets are claiming that the fact this show of protest and dissent by this lone woman was not prevented, will supposedly make Hu and/or China’s other leaders “….mistrust… American intentions towards China” (SEE previous link), while of course completely sidestepping the fact that Bush and Company’s swift police-state response to the incident will undoubtedly make Chinese leaders at least somewhat gleeful for its distinct similarity(ies) to China’s equally-swift responses to such dissent, and rather than “….play to their worst fears and suspicions about the United States….”, on the contrary plays to their admiration for the ways in which China and the U.S. are alike, in ways that are anything but free and democratic, and that are completely contrary to the very Constitutional principles for which China no doubt knows the U.S. is supposed to stand.

In other words, the eerily similar response of the U.S. “goon squad”, to how China’s goon squad would have responded to the incident, is not lost on President Hu and the other leaders of China, and they undoubtedly revelled in it to some degree; in fact, it may very likely have made Hu feel at home, almost as if, at least somewhat, and/or momentarilly, he was home in the repressive country and regime of his birth. What an awful reflection the Bush police state thereby brought about on “….the land of the free….”!

Then add to that the fact that Bush apologized for the protester, which amounts to an apology for the Constitutional, First Amendment freedoms that supposedly exist in the U.S.; and, in addition, add the fact that the U.S. government is deeply “in bed”, or “imbedded”, with China in trade, commerce and in receipt of multi-billion dollar loans from China; and you have even more a recipe for increasing U.S.-government-created dissaster(s) and repression.


Revenge is a dish best served cold.

So why, aside from the obvious and/or already much publicized reasons, is the U.S. government now seeking to silence and destroy all dissent in “America” and abroad? What it boils down to is that all of the corporate-fascist neocons who make up the current “presidential” administration, including Bush, Cheney, Rove, Rumsfeld, Rice, etc., along with all of the “Christian-Zionist” theocons who, including all of the former as well, make up most if not all of that current “presidential” adminstration’s staff and/or advisors, so inextricably intertwined with one another as they are, and that infest, have taken over and almost completely control the entire present U.S. government, and may continue to do so as long as there still is a future, if much of any, are seeking unequivocal, absolute and final revenge against what they very falsely and wrongly perceive to be the entire so-called “weak”, “cowardly”, “dovish”, “Godless”, “God-hating”, “bleeding-heart-liberal”, and/or “Left-wing” segment of the U.S. and its allies in the rest of the world, for all of same, and for their fighting against and having often thwarted the corporate- and theo- fascist “Right-wing”.

The peaceful, peace-seeking, non-violent, and anti-violence “Liberal Left” are the “White Knights”, unarmed with weapons of mass death and destruction, but armed with True Democracy and Freedom, who have been, by the Grace of God, keeping some semblance of relative peace and short periods of time absent of world-engulfing war(s). But the evil, death-and-destruction-inspired “war-hawks” are so full of hate and lies in the guise of truth and righteousness, and hate the peace-seekers to such an extreme extent, that they are working as never before, like “Rice on White”, to either bring us over to their side, the dark, evil side, as the so-called “Democratic Party” in the U.S. appears to have almost totally soldout to them, with very few exceptions, or to completely erradicate us.

Yet the One and Only True God and Jesus the Christ who they claim to know and obey, but do not know or obey at all, is much more powerful than they are; therefore, such is their final totalitarianism and Waterloo; for, though they will appear to obtain their final and absolute retribution against the “White Knights” of non-violence and peace-seeking, the True Grace and Peace of God will ultimately prevail, and God will completely destroy them.

“It is written, thus says the Lord [God in Jesus the Christ, the Word(s) of God]….” “….Vengeance (belongs to God), says the Lord (Jesus the Christ, and He) will (take vengeance against them)….”! (Romans 12:19; emphasis added by me.)

It is NOT our place to seek vengeance AGAINST ANYONE. We (must) leave it up to God, for He has promissed to destroy all evil doers, and destroy them HE WILL; therefore, all those who Truly Live His Will, have no desire(s) to harm ANYONE, as I too have NO desire(s) to harm ANYONE, IN ANY WAY(S).


Where do we go from here?

Most of the “Left” has made it for many years, and must continue to make it, even more and without fail, their raison d’etre to nothing but peacefully and non-violently stand up against all of this criminal insanity that these psychotic, sociopathic fruitcakes are seeking to take over the U.S. and the world with, carry out their human rights and civil liberties movement to the greatest extent possible, and conduct it as blamelessly as possible.

Their enemy(ies), the “Black Knights” of violence, blood-lust, true hate, revenge, and mass destruction and death, will of course continue to fraudulently paint the non-violent and peaceful as hateful and violent, to falsely “perceive” all dissent and protest(s) as “threatening conduct”, and to fraudulently accuse and “presume guilty” all protesters and dissenters of carrying out “perceived threatening conduct”, but we must remain entirely peaceful and non-violent, giving them no excuse(s) whatsoever, other than the false ones they engineer, manufacture, plant, and/or otherwise falsely give themselves, for physically assaulting and harming us.

These “theo-neo-con”, or “neo-theocon”, counterfeit “Christians” and their “guards”, though now in the majority for only a very short time more, are servants of darkness and evil, and they have already lost the spiritual war, they just don’t know it or believe it yet, but their time is almost past, and God the Father and Jesus the Christ will very soon usher in the Millenium of Peace in Heaven, and the Eternity of Peace on Heaven, the New Earth.

They are inhaling their last gasp, and are very soon to exhale their last breath, so all we must do is remain faithful to non-violence and peace, and seek after oneness and holiness with the Prince of Peace, so that where we go from here will be to that millenium of eternal Peace, and not to become the “….ashes under the soles of (the righteous)….” (Malachi 4:3) that all of these “theo-neo-cons”, or “neo-theocons”, will very soon become.

Once more, “(i)t is written, thus says the Lord [God in Jesus the Christ, the Word(s) of God]….” “….Even so, (please return quickly), Lord Jesus….”! (Revelation 22:20; emphasis added by me.)

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