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THE THOUGHT POLICE, by S. Wolf Britain


I thought it was about time, well past time actually, to return to my poems and post at least one of them on my blog(s):

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With many thanks to George Orwell
Who warned us about what’s coming

Written on 11 November 2003
By S. Wolf Britain
( And Now The Apocalypse
http://www.wolfbritain.com/ )

[Copyright (c) 2006 in the U.S.A. and
Internationally by And Now The
Apocalypse! (wolfbritain.com),
and/or S. Wolf Britain.
All rights reserved.]

The U.S. government is not a benevolent caretaker
But is rather despotic, malevolent and capricious
While going about fascistically deceiving, colonizing
Serving military-industrial “America” over humans
That don’t profit from insanity, bombing and death
Unlike the many self-serving Machiavellian killers
Who run the corporate murder-for-money machinery
Which gains the whole world but has none of soul’s
Love and mercy for humanity needing to predominate
Over their greed and hate that are compassionless

These “Big Brothers” want to control our thoughts
Leaving us without any True Liberties or Freedoms
And silence our “check and balance” on their aims
Of totally enslaving, dominating and mastering us
While making us absolutely subservient automatons
That do nothing but what we’re told by sociopaths
Seeking to be our completely evil gods and rulers
Who care for nothing and no one except their profits
In the process of sacrificing the freedom of thoughts
For True Liberty and Mastery ONLY over ourselves

Beware the thought police!



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