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     A Series of Very Important Recent Articles (most I’ve been meaning to post since they were issued, now posted in order of when they were issued), particularly on the very important topic of torture in this month of June 2006 designated as Torture Awareness Month, and its associated, highly excellent website, “Bloggers Against Torture”, at http://blogagainsttorture.blogspot.com/ [please join with Bloggers Against Torture in the struggle against torture].



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    By William Rivers Pitt
    t r u t h o u t | Perspective
    Tuesday, 11 April 2006
    [Copyright (c) 2006 in the
    U.S.A. and Internationally
    by t r u t h o u t (.org)
    and/or William Rivers
    Pitt. All rights reserved.]


    I had a debate with my boss last night about Sy Hersh’s terrifying New Yorker article describing Bush administration plans to attack Iran, potentially with nuclear weapons. After reading the Hersh piece, my boss was understandably worried, describing his reaction to the article in road-to-Damascus-revelation terms. They’re going to do this, he said.

    I told my boss that I couldn’t believe it was possible the Bush administration would do this. I ran through all the reasons why an attack on Iran, especially with any kind of nuclear weaponry, would be the height of folly.

    Iran, unlike Iraq, has a formidable military. They own the high ground over the Persian Gulf and have deployed missile batteries all throughout the mountains along the shore. Those missile batteries, I told him, include the Sunburn missile, which can travel in excess of Mach 2 and can spoof Aegis radar systems. Every American warship in the Gulf, including the carrier group currently deployed there, would be ducks on the pond.

    The blowback in Iraq would be immediate and catastrophic, I reminded him. The Shi’ite majority that enjoys an alliance with Iran would go indiscriminately crazy and attack anyone and anything flying the stars and stripes.

    Syria, which has inked a mutual defense pact with Iran and is believed to have significant chemical and biological weapons capabilities, would get into the game.

    China, which has recently established a multi-billion dollar petroleum relationship with Iran, might step into the fray if it sees its new oil source at risk.

    Russia, which has stapled itself to the idea that Iran’s nuclear ambitions are for peaceful purposes, would likewise get pulled in.

    Blair and Britain want nothing to do with an attack on Iran, Berlusconi appears to have lost his job in Italy, and Spain’s Aznar is already gone. If the Bush administration does this, I told my boss, they’d instantly find themselves in a cold and lonely place.


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